Green Pin Alloy Dee Shackle – Safety Pin

Safety Bolts used for semi permanent fixing are another popular option for most customers.

Fabricated in alloy steel the rating of the Safety Bolts to EN 13889 assumes the absence of exceptionally hazardous conditions.

These include:

  • offshore activities
  • the lifting of persons
  • the lifting of potentially dangerous loads such as molten & corrosive materials.

In these cases a competent person should assess the degree of hazard and reduce the working load limit accordingly.

Temperature range of Green Pin shackles only:

  • 0 – 200 degrees = 100% of original working load limit
  • 200 – 300 degrees = 90% of original working load limit
  • 300 – 400 degrees = 70% of the original working load limit
  • > 400 degrees not allowed.

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