Air Hoist 25t – 100t SWL

High Tonnage Lifting?

As opposed to electrically driven hoists, the compressed air does not produce any sparks which is a major consideration when working in hazardous areas.

  • The unit is resistant to high humidity, vapour or smoke as well as to extreme temperatures from – 20°C up to + 70°C.
  • The three main components of this compact hoist are the motor with brake, mid section and gear box, all of which are easily accessible and of low maintenance.
  • The instant starting vane motor has its nominal rating at a nominal pressure of 6 bar*.
  • The asbestos free disc brake is automatically opened when the motor is switched on.
  • When the motor is switched off or the air supply is interrupted, the brake closes and holds the load safely in the last position.
  • Parts of the planetary gear are made of tempered or hardened high grade steel and run in a permanent grease lubrication.
  • Chain and hook consist of high quality heat treated steels.
  • The breaking factor is five times the nominal carrying capacity.
  • The chain is a hoisting chain according to EN 818-7.


  • robust construction
  • minimum headroom
  • 100 % duty rating – less downtime
  • easy operation and little maintenance
  • unlimited switching at continuous working
  • lifting and lowering speeds sensitively controllable by special control systems
  • special executions with overload safety device (standard from 1 ton upwards in the EU)

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