Air Hoist 250kg – 2t SWL

Proven in practice: in all places where safety has preference Air Hoists are superior.

As opposed to electrically driven hoists, the compressed air does not produce any sparks which is a major consideration when working in hazardous areas.

  • The unit is resistant to high humidity, vapour or smoke as well as to extreme temperatures from – 20°C up to + 70°C.
  • The three main components of this compact hoist are the motor with brake, mid section and gear box, all of which are easily accessible and of low maintenance.

This air hoist has excellent efficiency due to its higher lifting speeds.


  • Integrated main air emergency-stop valve
  • Overload protection from 1 t and above.
  • Higher lifting speeds.
  • Driving mechanism classification M4 (1 Am) up to M5 (2m) i.e. 800 – 1600 hours at full load.
  • Suitable for horizontal pulling due to the compact construction.
  • Lifting and lowering speeds can be regulated sensitively.
  • Favourable combination with the new motor trolley LM 2 t.
  • Oil free operation due to the patented permanent motor lubrication during operation, using a high performance grease.
  • Patented motor brake system for low-maintenance and low-wear operation, based on the proven systems in the Air hoist ranges, mini and PROFI 3 TI up to 20 TI.
  • 100% Duty rating – less down time
  • Ex Classification according to EC Directive on Hazardous Locations 94/9/EEC (ATEX 100a)


  • robust construction, minimum headroom
  • easy operation and little maintenance
  • unlimited switching at continuous working
  • lifting and lowering speeds sensitively controllable by special control systems
  • special executions with overload safety device (standard from 1 ton upwards in the EU)

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