Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts

Eye Bolts & Eye NutsIt is required that the eyebolts are regularly inspected and that the inspection should take place in accordance with the safety standards given in the country of use. This is required because the products in use may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading etc., with a consequence of deformation and alteration of the material structure.

Inspection should take place at least very six months and even more frequently when the eyebolts are used in severe operating conditions.

Eyebolts should be inspected before use to ensure that:

  • all markings are legible;
  • eyebolts, eyenuts and bownuts are free from nicks, gouges and cracks;
  • make sure the thread is undamaged and clean;
  • an eyebolt, eyenut or bownut with the correct Working Load Limit has been selected for the load to be lifted;
  • eyebolts, eyenuts and bownuts may not be heat treated as this may affect their Working Load Limit;
  • never repair or reshape an eye bolt or eye nut by welding, heating or bending as this may affect the Working Load Limit;
  • never grind, machine or cut an eyebolt or eye nut;
  • when used as lifting devices, the eyebolt, eyenut or bownut should always be screwed into the object to be lifted in such a way that they fit properly against the object to be lifted;
  • Working Load Limits are valid for in-linepull only and have to be reduced for non-axial loading, for further details please refer to the standards for eye bolts BS4278 & DIN 580, or DIN 582 for eyenuts or BS3974 for bownuts.
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