Round Slings

Round-SlingsIdeally suited for general and heavy industrial lifting, these products are as strong as steel yet lightweight and easy to handle. They offer no risk of injury to hands or damage to painted or machined surfaces.

Our Roundslings are constructed of 100% polyester load bearing yarns. Due to the tubular design of the protective cover, the Roundsling is made without seams, thus no weakening in the strength of the covering materials and no edges to contend with.

Fibre slings are soft, supple and each sling is colour coded to indicate the lifting capacity. In addition to the statutory markings showing Safe Working Load and Maximum Load.

Strong and flexible

Light and Handy

Safety Factor of 7 : 1

Conforms to EN 1492-2

Will not damage cargo

Can be fitted with wear sleeves

Unaffected by sunlight, grease or rust

Please click to view A guide to the safe use of Round Slings

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