Demolition – Paddington Station, London W2

Client : Morgan Ashurst

Value :  £229,000


Existing Structure & Location:

Paddington Station comprises a number of structural elements. The oldest, including the main train shed roof Spans 1-3, was built in the 1850’s by I K Brunel.  Various developments and alterations have been made since, with the most substantial being the addition of Span 4, the train shed roof and the London Street deck in 1916.

Scope of Works

  • Working on behalf of Morgan Est we were employed to remove the roof finishes to Span 4 roof which covers platforms 9 to 15.
  • The metal sheeting was coated with an asbestos layer sheet during 1940 to increase fire protection during the London Blitz.
  • The works were carried out during traffic hours with the enclosed protection scaffold being installed during engineering hours.
  • The entire station is a Grade I Listed Building and due consideration was given in relation to the works.
  • Span 4 had not been maintained for a significant time, such that it has started to fall into disrepair.
  • Our task was to remove the coated roof sheets, wire glazing and existing walkways to the Span 4 roof which was a 210m long structure above the existing platforms 10, 11, 12 & 13.
  • The roof sheets contained a bitumen/asbestos coating which required removal and disposal under fully controlled conditions in accordance with the Asbestos Regulations.
  • The existing glass roof had also to be removed whilst working from a purpose built canopy scaffold structure and disposed of using a specially designed chute arrangement erected within.
  • Extreme care need to be taken at the interface with the two gable ends where only hand dismantling of the roofing elements was acceptable. In addition the close proximity of heavily trafficked public thoroughfares dictated a careful piecemeal approach to the entire project.