The John F Hunt Group is committed to delivering the highest level of Service to our Clients and we believe this is best achieved through investment in training and re-training at all levels within the Group. This provides the business with new skills to support growth and further develop customer relationships.

Development through In-House Training…

We identify training requirements by analysing each business and determining the mandatory, recommended and discretionary training needs across all Group activities. We then provide access to the relevant in-house training and development schemes, educational assistance and qualification schemes and encourage study for professional membership.

Helping Young People Into The Industry…

The Group has a commitment to the training of young people coming into the industry which is achieved through apprenticeship and work experience projects for school leavers.

John F Hunt joined forces with a large development company and hosts trainees for work placements focused within the construction industry. This movement began to address the unemployment issue in London, with the program providing a ‘Sector Based Work Academy’ which can last up to six weeks and has three key components; pre-employment training, a work experience placement and a guaranteed job interview. John F Hunt is extremely proud to be part of this initiative to help get young people working in the Construction Industry.

To monitor effectiveness and achieve continual improvement within the Group, our training policies, programmes and methods are all subject to regular reviews.

Training For Personal Growth…

Investment in training and personal development is important to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees and those affected by our group activities.  We have a series of operating principles which serve as a guide to all employees and sub-contractors in every aspect of their work within the Group.

John F Hunt recognise the need to attract, recruit and retain employees with the potential, skills and experience necessary for the continued growth and development of our business.