The Environment

Throughout our offices, depots and site locations environmental considerations are of the utmost priority. This can range from informed decisions about procurement strategies, materials and waste management, through to transport, noise, dust and vibration monitoring techniques and solutions.

We have demonstrated our commitment to developing sustainable environmental solutions through the implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

The Group ensures all resources utilised in carrying out business activities are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. Below are just a few of the many measures we as a Group put in place to help lower the impact of our activities on the environment.

  • John F Hunt Ltd: one of our key environmental objectives is to reduce waste to landfill, targeting 98% recycling rates. We work with stakeholders to ensure the use of low waste materials, minimal packaging and procurement from sustainable sources.
  • John F Hunt Hire Group: our huge fleet of heavy plant, haulage and transportation vehicles are low emission compliant, well maintained, regularly serviced, fitted with the appropriate catalytic converter and operate on low sulphur red diesel fuel.  John F Hunt Plant Hire work with plant manufacturers to investigate how to design more operationally quiet, fuel efficient, low emission machines and equipment.
  • John F Hunt Concrete Cutting operate ‘low sound’, fume-less remote controlled Brokk machines with ‘quieter’ hydraulic powered attachments used on our excavators
  • John F Hunt Power supply generators classed as ‘super silenced’ or ‘ultra-silent’.
  • John F Hunt Remediation are always mindful of fauna and flora and ensure a full ecology survey is carried out on all buildings, derelict areas, grasslands, woodlands, rivers and canals close by, prior to any works commencing.