Community Relations

Throughout the Group we are aware that some of the choices we make can affect the local community, public and society in general.

John F Hunt Demolition, Remediation, Industrial, Concrete Cutting and Environmental, are sometimes working in close proximity to the local residents and businesses. It is our responsibility to handle these situations with sensitivity, taking into account their requirements, listening, engaging and helping wherever we can, so as not to interrupt daily life.

We have been part of the Considerate Constructors and Considerate Contractor Schemes for many years now, during which time we have won many awards for our efforts towards the community in which we work.

Just a few examples of the many measures we take are:

  • Our ‘Local Community Relations Manager’, maintains regular liaison and dialogue with the neighbouring properties, adjacent residents and local community.
  • We maintain a close relationship with the local authority Environmental Health Officer, Traders, Residents Association, Police, Fire Brigade, Enforcement agencies and local newspapers.
  • A regular monthly newsletter (translated into various languages if necessary) is circulated to the those affected by our works.
  • To cause the minimum of inconvenience to the community, they are involved in all aspects of the project that may directly affect them.  This may be as simple as there being no deliveries, collections or work being carried out before 8am and after 6pm.