Manhattan Loft Gardens, London

Client : Manhattan Loft Corporation
Programme : 2 years
Value : £160k

Manhattan Loft Gardens, London
Manhattan Loft Gardens, London


The London property developer, Manhattan Loft Corporation selected Bouygues UK, for the construction of the Manhattan Loft Gardens, a 143-metre landmark tower in Stratford, East London, with a total project cost of £250 million.


Structural alterations were undertaken in association with the removal of a temporary slab which had been installed to enable propping for the next floor, by using a combination of diamond floor sawing, track sawing and Brokk remote controlled robotic demolition techniques.

Diamond drilling in various locations, at high level on internal walls, at basement level and through sheet piling.

Stitch drilling to form ventilation shafts to extend lift shaft openings.

Diamond drilling and diamond wire sawing to cut and remove wind shields and reinforced holding brackets.


Cut and removal of suspended slab 9 storeys high overhanging live Network rail asset.