Linosa Tower, Liverpool

Client : Liverpool Housing Action Trust
Value : £850,000


Duration: 8 weeks

The explosive demolition of Linosa Tower, a 22 storey block in a residential area of Liverpool.

Scope of Works

  • A ten man specialist team undertook a major asbestos removal operation prior to the soft strip and de-glazing of the block.
  • All non supporting walls were removed and over a 7 day period.
  • 2000 charges were placed in preparation to be fired by a non electric detonation system.
  • The block weighed approximately 16,000 tonnes and was situated only a few metres from adjacent properties, therefore a local facility was opened on the day of the blast to cater for the hundreds of residents who were evacuated from the exclusion zone.
  • To prevent excess dust and debris from the blast, each of the walls containing a charge were wrapped, firstly with chain-link fencing and then with a thick black geotextile which was also used to block the areas where the glass windows had been removed on the blast floors.
  • A delayed explosive system was set along the length of the block to ensure accuracy of collapse.


  • Linosa Tower was dropped accurately with clear up operations commencing immediately and taking approximately 8 weeks.