Invasive Weed Control

We treat many invasive weeds, Japanese Knotweed being the worst, threatening not only wildlife by destroying their natural habitat and waterways and causing severe damage to buildings.

The plant is dormant through the winter surviving in temperatures as low as -35 degrees, but grows at an alarming rate between April and October, with its roots extending over an area of 6-7m horizontally and 3m vertically; capable of penetrating concrete, foundations, brickwork, paving and tarmac.

The three possible treatments are excavation, herbicide treatment and off-site disposal as advised in the Environmental Agency Code of Practice for the Management, destruction and Disposal of Japanese Knotweed.

Early detection and swift action are required to stop the spread of this weed which is considered ‘a controlled waste item’. It is an offence under the Wildlife & Countryside Act to allow its introduction and survival.

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