Earthworks and Ex-Situ Remediation

We regularly undertake earthworks, ground improvement and ex-situ remediation as part of the projects we are involved in.

Ground improvement and re-profiling of land is of the utmost importance.  We therefore offer assessment, testing and management of the movement of earth to create stable platforms for regeneration and man-made landscapes, through to the formation of banking to block intrusive views or noise. We have undertaken river diversions and the creation of naturalised aquatic environments following site remediation in an industrial setting.

Depending upon specific site requirements it is essential for us to use geo-technical analysis in assessing the risk and stability of the soils involved, as all elements will react differently depending upon their environment, weather conditions, closeness to water and the level of the water table.

Once this is carried out, it enables us to create designs using 3D modelling, giving you a complete picture of the steps to be carried out within a programmed time and a virtual reality visual of the finished project.

Soil Stabilisation & Solidification services are for brown field sites, contaminated or waterlogged soil in areas which are difficult to access or are sensitive to waste being removed due to planning restrictions.

Stabilisation changes the pollutants chemical form or strengthens their bonding into a solid medium, whereas Solidification reduces the mobility of contaminants by converting them into a solid mass, therefore reducing their permeability.

These processes often involve a combination of cement, fly ash, lime, clays or asphalt which seeks out any moisture in the soil, locking in all contaminates and bonding the soil. Once compacted, it quickly cures and forms a water resistant and durable solid mass, increasing the strength and load bearing capacity making it ideal for supporting foundations.

Both solidification and stabilisation methods are applied in-situ use a rotating, flexible steel coil or jet injection method.  This process can also be carried out ex-situ in which case batch processing or in-drum techniques are applied.

Bio-remediation involves controlled treatment using naturally occurring soil bacteria strains that digest harmful substances, breaking toxic compounds down. Although this technique can take time depending upon the level and type of contamination, however it can provide a highly cost effective solution for large volumes of soil that need treatment. Regular and controlled soil analysis can be carried out to evaluate the treatment program and time scale before re-use can take place.

Complex Sorting is an integral part of the waste minimisation process and a pre-requisite in compliance with the Waste Regulations.  We provide complete waste segregation, separation and minimisation services, including physical and chemical waste assessment, materials management planning and on-site projects including materials movement and mobile screening and crushing.  Although a low technology application, we truly believe this is the most economic process which can be applied when cleaning up contaminated sites.

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