Demolition, Industrial Dismantling & Decommissioning

When demolition is involved in a project, we work seamlessly with the Demolition Division of John F Hunt Ltd, who, for more than 30 years have undertaken some of the largest demolition contracts in the UK.

Industrial Dismantling And Decommissioning…

We offer specialist advice on above and below ground storage tank decommissioning, tank cleaning, degassing, classification, disposal of liquids, sludge and pipeline foam filling. The John F Hunt Industrial Division advises on the dismantling of chemical tanks, refinery and process plants; having over the years dismantled plants processing Cyclohexane, LPG, Phenol Mercuric Nitrate, Sulphuric Acid and Tetra Ethyl Lead; many being situated in the most sensitive of locations.

We deal with the most exacting environmental and hygienic standards of working and are acutely aware of the need to investigate, analyse and plan every aspect of the works in close liaison with chemical, occupational hygiene and waste disposal consultants.

Alternative Solutions…

Abandoned pipeline removal can be costly and in some situations impractical depending upon its location. Filling these pipes with an appropriate material which has the strength to withstand pressure from soil compression and can compensate for the eventual deterioration of the pipeline is an ideal solution.

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