Asbestos Surveys, Analysis & Removal

We build our remediation plan on a site specific basis, enabling us to tailor make solutions for individual projects. It follows therefore, that should asbestos be detected during an early site investigation, we take expert advice from within the company on all matters relating to asbestos removal and its management.

We are able to call upon Ace, our in-house Asbestos Consultants who can carry out a wide range of UKAS Accredited services including Asbestos surveys, bulk sampling and fibre analysis, quickly and efficiently at our UKAS certified laboratories.

Our Environmental Division of John F Hunt Ltd is a Licensed Asbestos removal contractor, therefore any necessary asbestos removal work would be under-taken by our experienced asbestos removal operatives, managed by competent asbestos supervision and management, all of whom hold the relevant asbestos training as required by current legislation and regulations.

All asbestos plant, equipment and tools are wholly owned by John F Hunt making us totally self-sufficient during the removal of asbestos from any remediation project.

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