John F Hunt Remediation management team and staff have a long track record in addressing complex and significant soil and groundwater issues.  We have the proven expertise to unlock problematic schemes and sites including Gas Works, Chemical Facilities, Pharmaceutical sites and Industrial Facilities, using the latest technology, equipment and geo-environmental solutions.

We are strictly regulated and controlled by the Environment Agency and therefore hold all legally required licences to deal with waste and provide relevant and ongoing training for our staff.

From Start To Finish…

We walk you through, step by step from embryonic pre assessment, design and waste management; attaining all necessary licenses, permissions and processes, to a final clean, environmentally approved site, prepared for the next stage of your development.

Supported by our large specialised plant fleet provided by John F Hunt Plant Hire & Hire Services, we have excavators, heavy ground compaction equipment and earth movers at our disposal.

Our specialist teams include geo-environmental engineers, chemists, scientists and geologists, all of whom are highly skilled and provide viable and cost effective solutions for your project.  Whether it is In-situ, Ex-situ, Waste Management, Geotechnical or Integrated Environmental Solutions, we have the answer.

All The Resources In One Place…

When demolition is involved in a project, we work seamlessly with John F Hunt Demolition, who, for more than 30 years have undertaken some of the largest demolition contracts in the UK.

With the support of Ace, our in house Asbestos Consultants with their UKAS accredited laboratories, specialising in asbestos surveys and management and the Environmental Division of John F Hunt Ltd, who is a Licensed Asbestos removal contractor, we are well placed to deal with all forms of Asbestos management and removal should the need arise.

As well as design, construct and all risk contracting, we offer in-situ design, supply install and maintenance services to third parties.
Upon completion of all projects we prepare a report on works carried out, supported by technical drawings, tests, monitoring data and photographic evidence.

Contact us today by calling us on 01375 366700 to discuss how we can help.