Environmental Liability, Risk & Asset Management

We Are Here To Help You Get Your Project Moving…

We understand that for you the issues surrounding contamination provide a potential corporate risk – we mitigate these potential corporate risks for you.

Our team has a broad network of professional contacts that assist you with the management of environmental liabilities, as supported by the insurance policy. We always try to provide you with the best service and depending upon the timing of an asset transfer/sale/remediation, you may benefit from such an approach.

A common frustration for our clients is the absence of freely available funding. Our Asset Management Service may assist on your project, unlocking a valuable land asset and allowing a larger phase of works to commence.

Our ability to work in safety critical and environmentally sensitive settings, underpins our business.  It also enables us to provide solutions for operational sites where there is a particular need to minimise business interruption.

We recognise commercial realities and work with you in an open and fair manner to ensure that all commercial aspects are considered.

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