Kings Reach Tower, London SE1

Client : Mace Group
Value : £4.27 M


Duration: 11 months

Existing Structure & Location:

Kings Reach Tower is a 30 storey tower block situated in Stamford Street, London SE1 and was originally the HQ of IPC Media.

The project required the retention and redevelopment of the existing Kings Reach Tower and associated podium structure which had been constructed during the 1970s to a height of111m. The new design would extend the height of the structure by an additional eleven floors.

The adjacent low rise building or ‘podium building’ at the base of the tower, which had been vacant since 2007, was also extended with an additional three floors, which would be used as commercial offices.

Scope of Works

  • The demolition phase of the project comprised of the removal of asbestos materials, the complete de-cladding of the tower and the podium, the structural demolition of the northern section of the podium, the structural demolition of the top two floors of the tower and a reduced excavation and formation of the piling mat to the north, west and eastern elevations.
  • The de-cladding works to the tower were carried out with the use of external suspension cradles, which were installed and operated by Sky Form Ltd.
  • The cladding comprised of single glazed windows and Durasteel panels. Once the cradles were secured to the external face of the structures, we were able to remove the glazing with the use of small disc cutters to cut the glass into four sections, which were then removed by operatives using specialised glass lifting tools or ‘Sucker Pads’.
  • The Durasteel Panels were removed by our “in-house” asbestos removal division, using reciprocating saws to cut through the perimeter frame of the panels, thereby allowing them to be removed as one complete unit and without damaging the asbestos contained within them.
  • The structural demolition works were undertaken on a floor by floor basis using 7T excavators with pulveriser attachments.
    The design and installation of the temporary works was undertaken by our “in house” temporary works team.


  • The project objective was to undertake the demolition works in a manner that minimised the environmental impact to the local community.
  • The majority of the de-cladding to the tower was carried out by utilising cradles in lieu of scaffolding, which resulted in a significant reduction in lorry movements to and from the site.
  • To minimise the effects upon neighbours, all noisy works were limited to the hours of 08:00 -10:00, 12:00 -14:00 and 16:00 – 18:00.
  • The existing mains water supplies were utilised to enable the works to be continuously dampened down, thereby preventing the spread of dust.
  • The removal of the spoil from the reduced excavated works was minimised with the use of a concrete crusher located on site.
  • Material generated was recycled and used to form the piling mats.


  • The project was completed within programme and budget.