Hale Wharf, Tottenham, N17 9NF

Client : MUSE
Programme : 53 weeks
Value : £3.5m


Situated on Ferry Lane with access only via the bridges that spanned both
the River Lea and the flood relief channel the demolition of these low rise
commercial and industrial units was undertaken to prepare the site for the construction of over 500 units.
The site had extensive pollution due to previous occupants and the
activities that they undertook, whilst being surrounding by mature wetlands,
reservoirs and a working canal and boating community.


Due to the local nesting birds in the wetlands our first challenge was to create an acoustic hoarding approx. 4.5m high the length of the site by an early milestone date within the programme otherwise the project would be put on hold for a further 12 months.
Extensive pollution within the ground required careful separation of the soils for disposal and/or remediation, whilst the depth of excavation to ensure that the site was ready for piling required an intricate de-watering scheme that not only satisfied the site operations, but the Canal and Rivers Trust.
To prevent any contamination of either the relief channel or the canal, a sampling and monitoring regime was strictly adhered to, and provided a successful outcome.
Creation of the new permanent road required the construction of 8no deep manholes as well as the coordination of several statutory suppliers to create new services and supplies for the impending construction.
Relocation of and existing sub-station and breakwater tank.
Construction of a new bell mouth access to site whilst maintaining the existing water and electric that supplied the retained businesses to the north of the site and boaters.


Awarded ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’ from the Considerate Constructors Scheme.
Completion of the works with minimal disruption to neighbours whilst increasing scope to delver the project ready for construction.
Highly commended by the client, Environment Agency, local residents, businesses and boating community.