Golden Nugget, Shaftsbury Ave

Client : Little Lion Ltd / Greenway Associates
Programme : 10 weeks
Value : £500k

Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget


The site was located within the heart of the West End and central to the Soho Conservation area, bounded by Regent Street, Haymarket, Leicester Square and Chinatown.

Shaftesbury Avenue, a broad curving primary route, differed in age, scale and character to the rest of the area, whilst the neighbouring Trocadero had been a place of entertainment since the late 17th century.

Internally the Golden Nugget layout was complicated, as the property shared elements on each floor with other users. The floors spanned directly through Avenue
Mansions, the Rainforest Café, the Picture House and parts of the Trocadero, which had been internally linked from past developments and alterations. Very few elements of the original historic fabric existed.


The protection to the historic elements that were to be retained were installed, followed by the Asbestos removal under fully controlled conditions, a major soft strip.

The soft strip included removal of all audio, visual and CCTV equipment, light fittings, fire and smoke alarm sensors, detectors and sprinkler heads throughout. It also included cutting back the cabling and the removal of all shelving, cupboards and furniture.

Retained elements included the ductwork from all the toilets to the plant room, electrical containments, all existing internal doors, unless integrated in which case they were to be demolished; all drainage risers and stacks, riser doors throughout, lifts and the existing fire doors.


Excellent relationship with the Trocadero Management & Security, Rainforest Café and the Picture House, ensuring that
business was not affected in any way.

Very high client satisfaction.

No issues with the surrounding business while working around high levels of foot traffic and vehicular movement.