Asbestos Removal & Encapsulation

John F Hunt Environmental have a diverse range of asbestos expertise including removal, encapsulation, fibre suppression, air management, enclosure management, abrasive blasting, surfactant injection & water filtration.

Operating To The Highest Of Standards…

We undertake the removal and disposal of all categories of asbestos containing materials as either a prelude to a demolition job or as stand-alone project.  From multi-million pound turnkey re-developments with blue chip clients, to specific client tailored packages, we maintain our stringent project methodologies & procedures, to ensure we provide you with the optimum level of service.

Putting Your Mind At Rest…

We operate to the highest of technical standards, using the very latest techniques to ensure every assignment is safe and successful.  All the latest asbestos plant, equipment and tools are wholly owned by John F Hunt making us totally self-sufficient when commencing any asbestos removal project.

Where asbestos containing materials give rise to the potential release of fibres, only removal offers a permanent and safe solution.  However, in the event that removal is unnecessary as the asbestos containing material is intact and unlikely to be disturbed, the encapsulation technique is employed. This seals the material, containing all harmful asbestos fibres and stopping any escape into the air.

Asbestos work is undertaken by our experienced asbestos removal operatives overseen by competent supervisors and management, all of whom hold the relevant asbestos training as required by the Licensed Contractors Guide (Asbestos).

Experience Is Key…

Whatever the category to be removed or encapsulated, you can be confident it is carried out in accordance with the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations’, supporting codes of practice by the HSE and ALG memos, ARCA guidance notes, our Asbestos Management Policy’s and documentation and registers accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance.

We have carried out numerous asbestos works for countless clients including Vinci Nuclear Division (Bradwell Magnox), Dartford, Barking & Dagenham & Aylesbury local authorities; Moorgate Station for Crossrail, City of London Corperation, Lend lease, Sir Robert McAlpine, Northwest London NHS Trust & the MoD amongst others.

Should you need any further information or help, please call us on 01375 366700.