Rail Sector

We have carried out many demolition projects for London Underground, Network Rail, and Crossrail, involving all stages of the projects including detailed feasibility studies direct for the operators on stations across London, including Liverpool Street Station, Paddington, Shepherds Bush, Ealing Common, and Moorgate. We are have current Link–up accreditation for Network Rail demolition operations.

How We Can Assist With Your Rail Project…

We have the in-house ability to provide submission of AIP’s (DLR), Conceptual design Statements (CDS), Safe Load Assessments (SLA), Concession to Engineering standards for Tall Plant (LU) & Form 01, 02 & 03 (NR), WPP & QUESH complaint methodology.

rail sector demolition project

Just Some Examples…

    • On one project, our teams designed a protection deck to safeguard traction feed cables and signalling systems adjacent to the operational railway, demonstrating our knowledge and understanding of the works to London Underground by presenting our methodology with detailed 3D erection sequences. Upon approval, we installed the protection deck during both Engineering Hours and a 52-hour possession.
    • We removed the asbestos contaminated roof from a listed railway station structure over an operational railway; these works were carried out in a combination of Engineering Hours and 52 hour possessions.

rail sector demolition project 2

  • We have undertaken the complete demolition of two eight-story structures above a live underground station concourse, whilst maintaining its full operation. This involved the extensive removal of asbestos; £1.5 million of which was un-detailed in the client’s initial reports. To maintain the programme our team removed the asbestos in 12 weeks by working 24/7.
  • Noise and vibration became a key concern on a further project due to the close proximity of our works to a live underground rail tunnel. At 1.5m below ground level the tunnel was integral to the existing basement structure which was due to be totally demolished. This entailed designing and installing a steel protection deck and ‘saw cutting’ an isolation joint around the tunnel to separate it from the target building. This enabled a careful non-percussive method of demolition to be carried out on the basement substructure, with continual noise and vibration monitoring until completion.
  • We demolished a concrete vent shaft above an operational underground railway, reducing the clients overall program by six weeks. This was achieved by eliminating the need for a complex scaffold erection, by removing the asbestos contaminated fan housing as a single lift operation during Engineering hours.

During all demolition projects we are required to provide safe pedestrian access at all times for the general public through the operational station, as well as protected entrances to the generator, signalling and service rooms for the London Underground service personnel.

Peace Of Mind For You…

On all of our projects our systems, regimes and meticulous planning, ensure that our client’s assets remain protected throughout our works and that local business and the general public are affected as little as possible.