BREEAM and LEED Management

BREEAM: Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology.  ‘..Internationally recognised, sustainability assessment method for buildings’.

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ‘…a certification program focused on new, commercial-building projects, based upon a points system, whereupon the more points you earn, the higher your positive environmental rating.

How We Can Help You Achieve Your BREEAM and LEED Rating…

Demolition and site preparation procedures can offer a significant contribution to securing the optimum BREEAM and LEED ratings.

As part of the construction and design process we establish an overall environmental rating for the project, particularly in relation to the early stages of site clearance and preparation for follow on construction to help with your BREEAM assessment and subsequent BREEAM certification.

BREEAM and LEED Management

Our site teams are accustomed to the recording and reporting processes required to satisfy the BREEAM and LEED requirements, and regularly produce Recycling and Recovery Indices for each project to demonstrate our progress.

Specific emphasis is placed on waste management, including on site segregation and recycling of recovered demolition material, thereby minimising vehicle movements to and from the construction sites.

Waste streams are carefully assessed at the outset of the project to set the monitoring baseline, all vehicle movements can then be carbon mapped to the disposal site location and the results collated.

Additionally, pollution control, which is often a primary source of concern from neighbouring properties is of paramount importance and is rigorously managed and monitored on site, to avoid disruption and disturbance to local occupiers.

Our demolition services operate from offices in Essex and London, whilst Group offices in West London, East London, Canterbury, Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester and Newcastle provide support for demolition projects further afield.