3D Planning & Logistics

On many larger projects, sequencing and 3D planning of the precise demolition process is of paramount importance to the general understanding and ultimate success of the works.

How We Can Help You…

Our demolition company teams have experience of working with dangerous structures, post tensioned structures and hybrid designs, where the deconstruction method is, out of necessity, a fully designed process.

Clarity For A Successful Project…

The very location of some sites and the neighbourhood restrictions imposed can be hard to manage when the adjoining owners do not fully understand the visual effect of the adjacent development.  We produce accurate 3D models of the structure, which can be time sequenced to give a full understanding of the demolition process and the logistics involved.

We can show crane locations, methods of working and adjacent property cut lines. The 3D level of detail can be increased providing sufficient time is allowed during the tender, design or lead in period.  Most of the 3D planning sequences are easily converted into full power point presentations and can give a full overview of the demolition on a step by step basis.

3D Planning & Logistics

Prior to starting any project it is essential that the 3D modelling and site logistics are fully understood and agreed with you the client, the team and the local authority.

Demolition methodology and sequence are obviously highly dependent upon the ability to deliver materials to and from the site.

A well organized site team working during the lead in period to establish logistics, welfare facilities, road closures, vehicle traffic routes, pedestrian accesses, service disconnections and security, will all contribute to the ultimate success of the project.

Our demolition 3D and logistics services are carried out from offices in Essex and London, whilst Group offices in West London, East London, Canterbury, Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester and Newcastle provide support for demolition projects further afield.