Site S.E.Q.A. Obligations

To ensure we achieve continued improvement in our Site Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance Management Systems, the following procedures are employed for monitoring and reviewing purposes.

  • A daily site safety and environmental tour by the Site Project Manager is carried out, with a weekly inspection against a checklist.
  • Every two weeks a site safety, environmental and quality assurance inspection is held by visiting Company H.S.E. representatives, who issue a report to the Site Project Team and Directors.
  • Monthly, a site safety and environmental inspection is made by the Project Director who delivers a report to the Site Project Team.

  • Six monthly internal audits on the company S.E.Q.A. Management Systems where we review all safety reports, accident book entries and hazard card reports. This is undertaken by the company safety team, to determine any common trends developing and look at the root cause so improvement can be made.
  • Each year, various external audits are undertaken on the company S.E.Q.A. Management Systems by external auditors representing trade and professional bodies to which we belong, and ISO Accreditations that we hold.

From all the S.E.Q.A. Audit reports, a plan for continual improvement is developed and implemented via Senior Management.