Facade Retention

With a majority of facade retention projects being within the City and West End of London, we recognise that safety and design is of paramount importance in minimise the impact of our works on local residents, adjoining buildings and  the surrounding environment in general.

How We Can Help You With Your Facade and Party Wall Issues…

Following our engineers investigation of the building, utility services and dependent upon its location, condition and neighbouring structures, we will provide guidance on the most suitable retention system we consider feasible.

Liaison with the local authority at an early stage within the design process is essential, as not all systems of support are permitted by the respective Boroughs. Access requirements, traffic and pedestrian volumes all need consideration.

A John F Hunt team will arrange meetings with the City Engineers to run through our proposals for the temporary works; quite often we will have undertaken very similar schemes on neighbouring projects.

For facades and party walls, we are experienced in the construction of Pre-deflected Walers on gallows brackets, Flying Shores and tubular struts, Multiple Support Towers with Whalers, foundation and piled solutions and proprietary systems such as RMD and MABEY.

All of the above systems can be installed sympathetically to the structure being retained, the locations of all supports are coordinated to ensure they do not clash with the follow on construction works.