Tower Block Deconstruction

How Our Experience Can Help Your Project…

Our demolition company’s unrivalled experience with inner city tower block demolition ranges from massive in-situ concrete and steel framed structures, to the finely designed large panel blocks so typical of the 1960’s skyline.

Due to our knowledge of Tower Block Deconstruction, we were instrumental in the formation of the first NFDC Tower Blocks Sub Committee, a national group that produced guidance notes for ‘the deconstruction of tower blocks over 10 storeys’.

tower block deconstruction project in London

Today with attention being focused on structures completed as recently as 1985 featuring hollow rib flooring, back propping, structural calculations and deflection testing, are all essential elements in the decision making process, to evolve an approved methodology for the tower block deconstruction.

Logistically John F Hunt are ideally situated to tackle some of the most sensitively located structures in Central London with offices in the City of London and Essex supported by Depots in East and West London, Canterbury, Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester and Newcastle which are able to provide bases and demolition services, as projects demand.

Successfully Addressing The Noise Issue…

We have successfully addressed the noise problem on numerous high-rise tower block demolition projects in the centre of some of London’s busiest areas, by servicing the sites with 2 Wolff WK500B Luffing Jib Tower Cranes, 105 meters under the hook, with a capacity to lift 22 tonnes at a 19 meter radius. We were then able to lift eight, 15 tonne excavators complete with Concrete and Scrap Sheers, to dismantle the blocks floor by floor, this method is viewed as a significant advancement in Tower Block Deconstruction and Tower Block Demolition techniques.