Tower Block Deconstruction

John F Hunt have unrivalled experience in the dismantling of inner city tower blocks, some up to 24 storeys in height. From massive in-situ concrete and steel framed structures, to the finely designed large panel blocks so typical of the 1960’s skyline, we have developed a safe method of working practice to suit them all.

We were instrumental in the formation of the first NFDC Tower Blocks Sub Committee, a national group that produced guidance notes for ‘the deconstruction of structures over 10 storeys’.

Towers exceeding 10 storeys are generally lighter weight structures perhaps featuring hollow rib flooring and/or precast sections. As such, tower crane location, temporary propping, protection, structural calculations and deflection testing, all become essential elements in the decision making process to define a ‘floor by floor’ methodology.

tower block deconstruction project in London