High Reach Demolition

A Cost Effective Method For Your Project…

High Reach Demolition allows us to reduce the risk of our operatives working at height.  Wherever possible and if appropriate to do so, we recommend the use of our Ultra High Reach and High Reach Excavators as one of our demolition services and the most cost effective way to demolish a variety of structures.

Whether a tower demolition project is of steel frame or reinforced concrete construction, we are able to attach crackers, pulverisers, metal cutting shears, hydraulic breakers, grapples, grabs or re-handling buckets to these highly versatile high reach excavators.

At an operational weight of 130 tonne with a 42 metre reach, the Zaxis 870 is our largest such excavator. However at this height it can carry a shear weighing nearly 4 tonnes making the Zaxis extremely powerful, capable and adaptable for your demolition plan.

high reach demolition project in London

Along with the Health and Safety benefits, this technique demonstrates excellent output and productivity over traditional ‘top down demolition’ and can often, when used with Concrete Crackers, completely negate the need to use mini excavators and percussive breakers.

All our High and Ultra High Reach Excavators are equipped with an integral dust suppression system that delivers an adjustable water spray directly at the work face, reducing the need for hand held systems.

Another environmental benefit is that the exceptionally low noise emission is extremely advantageous especially when working in busy and confined inner city sites, making the high reach excavator the best demolition tool for the job.

Our demolition company has offices in Essex and London for easy access to both central London demolition projects and those further afield. We also have Group offices in Canterbury, Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester and Newcastle which provide bases, as projects demand.