Floor by Floor Demolition

Options, Depending Upon Your Project…

In certain circumstances the option to use High Reach Excavators to demolish high-rise structures is not feasible. When this occurs, perhaps due to environmental considerations or adjoining buildings, a ‘Top down, Floor-by-Floor’ demolition technique is employed.

Floor-by-floor deconstruction is a complex and technically challenging procedure that involves the highest degree of engineering investigation, structural testing and design throughout the planning and implementation stages.

One or two or even three tower cranes may be installed as necessary to lift excavators and equipment to and from the working floors and to assist in clearing skips and lowering structural elements to the ground.

Structural deflection testing of the floors will best determine the size, type and number of excavators that can be safely employed. The choice of attachments used will also vary depending upon the nature and design of the structure along with environmental constraints.

Our engineers and demolition teams are highly skilled and experienced in all methods and techniques involved, ensuring your project is in safe hands from the embryonic stages to the day of completion and hand over.