Civil Engineering

The success of any construction project relies entirely on the quality of the ground upon which it stands. Our focus therefore, is to make that quality as high as it can possibly be. Without question.

Collaborating closely with our Clients, our specialist in-house Demolition Teams, Civil Engineers, Design Engineers and Pre-Construction department work together to assess risks posed by site conditions, giving full geo-technical advice on soil make up and ground stability. Should a site throw up particularly difficult contaminated terrain or water issues, we seek the expertise of our Remediation and Water Technologies companies.

Our aim is on the provision of customised, safe designs, whilst providing details for the correct pre-construction decisions; proffering solutions to any anticipated complex issues from problematic or tight site footprints to logistics and environmental considerations.

Meticulous planning of enabling, ground and temporary works flows seamlessly through to technically designed construction methodology. Working with the demolition business the civils team examine the possibility of offering a cost or programme reduction for our clients where we can; for example, enabling simultaneous works allowing for early zonal release.

Every possible angle of a project is analysed at its embryonic stages to ensure our clients of a safe, successful completion.

Civil Engineering & Substructure Works in London

  • Top-down deconstruction
  • Substructure demolition
  • Enabling/ground works
  • Temp works
  • Deep multi storey basement excavations
  • Obstruction clearance
  • Contiguous/Secant/Sheet piled walls
  • Bearing Piles (cfa)
  • Ground Remediation
  • Ground Heave
  • Basement RC
  • Construction (incl. waterproofing)
  • RC Raft and pile cap construction
  • One sided retaining RC walls
  • Precast solutions
  • Infrastructure works
  • Drainage installation
  • Underpinning/jacking
  • Remediation
  • Basement box construction
  • Waterproofing

Civil Engineering & Substructure Works

Since 1982 through our groundworks and bulk excavation operations we have inevitably uncovered numerous archaeological finds, which can come as an unwanted surprise to clients.

Safeguarding our country’s historic interests is important to us, however maintaining the programme on a project is crucial. Accordingly, we are accustomed to working closely with the Museum of London Archaeology teams (MOLA) or similar organisations to provide safe access for them to protect the find, whilst causing minimal disruption to the project.