Robotic Demolition

The Luxury Of Power Without The Environmental Impact…

Remote control or ‘Robotic’ Demolition is the ideal solution to many of the environmental problems you may be facing today. Our fleet of Brokk demolition excavators are electro-hydraulically powered, allowing work to proceed in confined or hazardous areas without the emission of harmful fumes. Robotic demolition is incredibly efficient, cost effective and immensely powerful, as well as by design, having the ability of removing the operator from the ‘work face’.

Robotic (Brokk) Demolition project in London

Concrete cutting at a John F Hunt Demolition site in Harlow Shopping centre.

Producing no damaging exhaust gasses and with a suitable attachment, minimal noise, robotic demolition or Brokk demolition excavators alleviate hand-arm vibration problems and ‘White Finger’, traditionally associated with manual work in confined spaces.

With our extensive fleet of modern robotic demolition machines ranging from the Brokk 40 up to the 400, we are able to operate in many difficult and challenging locations.  The smaller Brokk demolition units, weighing only 380kg are ideal for access via scaffold whilst the larger Brokk demolition 400 unit, is as powerful as a conventional excavator 5 times its size.

Robotic demolition machines are extremely adaptable and come with a variety of easily changeable attachments ranging from powerful percussive breakers and hydraulic crushing jaws, to loading buckets and concrete milling heads, some of which are suitable for use in the nuclear industry.

The health and safety benefits of using ‘robotic demolition’ are many, especially as no operator or supervisor needs to stand in close proximity to the working area, making the demolition zone easier to control. The robotic demolition unit is remotely controlled with a harness mounted panel strapped to the operator.

Under circumstances where the structure being demolished is unstable, the operator becomes his own ‘Banks-Man’ and can stand up to 50 metres away.

‘Cracking’ concrete generates very little noise and gives the additional benefit of minimal or no vibration, therefore creating far less risk of any structural damage occurring. With the ability to manouver on rubber or metal tracks, these mini excavators can cope with all terrains including stairs; the compact size of the machines enabling access through doorways and openings as small as 800mm wide.

Saving time and money, the productivity of these robotic demolition units is outstanding and enable safe, environmental demolition to progress in the most testing and sensitive of sites.

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