Demolition Hand Tools

Hand held Ring Saws, Chain Saws and Hydraulic Crunchers are ideal for cutting door apertures, window openings and dealing with small obstructions.

The hand-held chain saw is quick and efficient to operate and is used for straight line cuts with right angle corners.

The Ring Saws are quiet and virtually vibration free. They are hydraulically powered and with the provision of a water supply, eliminate the emission of dust. The depth of the cut is determined by the diameter of the diamond blade, up to a maximum depth of 250mm.

Hand-held portable devices are perfect for construction and demolition sites where access or workspace is limited, the diamond tipped teeth slice through reinforced concrete and can easily perform plunge cuts.

Powerful handheld crushing units provide an almost silent, controlled demolition technique for removing concrete or masonry up to a 150mm section. Driven by an electrically operated hydraulic power pack, heavy jobs can be effortlessly handled on both internal and external structures; its compact size making it versatile enough to work within exceptionally restricted or sensitive areas.

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