Diamond Sawing

Precise And Quiet Concrete Cutting Options…

Wall, floor and track sawing, provides a precise straight line method of cutting openings in concrete and masonry.

Powered by 3 phase electricity our Track Saws are typically used for cutting doorways, windows, reducing wall heights and forming lift-shaft openings. Our range of saws are capable of cutting through concrete to a depth of 1000mm.

Floor Sawing is commonly used for cutting flat surfaces such as motorways, bridges, pavements and floor slabs. The pedestrian controlled units are diesel or electrically powered with sawing capacities reaching 495mm in depth depending on the specification of the saw and blade used.

Generally Track Sawing is ideal for chasing pipes and cables into walls and floors for which we provide a powerful, dust controlled unit.

As one of the leading London diamond drilling companies, we can carry out all types of concrete cutting from diamond sawing, concrete sawing and track sawing to wall sawing, floor sawing and core cutting with pinpoint precision.

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