Diamond Drilling

Fast and virtually silent, Diamond Drilling is the most environmentally acceptable way of creating an opening in any structure. Our diamond drilling rigs have a capacity up to 1000mm diameter, can be operated manually or automatically for greater efficiency. With water and dust control attachments they can be used where a clean environment is essential.

diamond drilling in Londonr

Wet and dry are the two main techniques used in diamond drilling operations. Both methods provide precision penetration through all types of base materials such as mass/reinforced concrete, brick and block work.

The diamond drilling rigs provide the ability to drill from virtually any angle and to any depth, therefore our experienced and highly skilled operatives can tackle the toughest materials from 90 Newton concrete in ‘Bomb Proof Bunkers’ to concrete encased steel work.

concrete core drill in London

The single hole drill sizes range from 8mm for small anchor bolts and dowel bars, to 1,000mm for installing large pipes. The ‘Stitch Drilling’ technique provides countless options with opening sizes becoming unlimited.

As a leading London diamond drilling company we can accommodate all types of concrete cutting from core cutting, core drilling, diamond drilling and track sawing to stitch drilling, concrete core drilling, and concrete coring.

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