Bevis Marks, London, EC3A

Client : CORE
Value : £1.6 M


The project comprised the demolition of the eight storey 1984 office block adjacent to the Norman Foster’s landmark building at 30 St Mary’s Axe, affectionately known as The Gherkin and The Baltic Exchange Building. This would facilitate the developer, CORE to construct a new prestigious office development.

Scope of Works

  • The building was taken down using a combination of tower crane and small excavators on a floor by floor basis, whilst high level demolition progressed in a top down sequence.
  • Our team worked within the existing basement to install an extensive temporary works scheme and stitch drill the basement raft slab for the new pile locations.
  • All deliveries and removals from site including the processing of the arisings were undertaken within the small courtyard – Bury Court, this alleviated the need to affect the major traffic tributary that is Bevis Marks.
  • Along the Bevis Marks elevation we embarked on the re-location of all utility services within the footpath location to create working space for the new permanent piling scheme, maintaining at all times un-interrupted power and services to the surrounding buildings.

Once the demolition reached the ground floor the tower crane was dismantled and the remaining demolition undertaken with a combination of large and small excavators to basement level, some 11m’s below the adjacent Corporation of London Highway.

  • Working with large excavators, our team probed the remaining pile location’s beneath the crane ready for backfilling.
  • Upon completion of probing the entire basement area was laid with crushed material to form a 6f2 piling mat.
  • To complete our works, perimeter walls were trimmed to agreed levels whilst maintaining the existing reinforcing bars for re-use in the new development.


  • The Bevis Marks project was completed on time at the end of January 2012 and within budget.