Bedford Chambers, Covent Garden, London

Client : Faithdean Plc / Apple
Value : £1.75 M


Duration: 40 Weeks

  • Many of the existing structural walls and columns had to be removed and the cast iron floor structures lowered to suit the redevelopment works.
  • The ‘cut & carve’ of a 6 storey building in central Covent Garden.
  • The scope of our Covent Garden project required substantial reconfiguration of the existing office structure to accommodate the new “Apple” retail store.

Scope of Work

  • Our works included extensive underpinning, new lift pit construction, new composite floor structures & jacking of the existing structure for column removal.
  • Our engineers designed a comprehensive temporary works scheme for the proposed alterations, but due to the complexity of the demolition, the scheme had to be installed in phases as the works progressed to maintain the integrity of the listed structure.
  • The chosen propping solution for this project used a combination of fabricated steelwork and proprietary “Mabey” shores, the combination of the two methods allowed flexibility through the installation and dismantling process within a confined site and a very restricted site location.
  • To remove some of the internal columns and load bearing walls our team installed seven support towers which propped the underside of the second floor slab down to the basement level; new foundation pads had to be constructed below the existing basement slab level to support the tower loads.
  • To add to the complexity of the project the demolition of the internal walls and floor slabs had to be coordinated with the installation of the new permanent steel work floors.
  • Once our team had installed the new “lytag fines” composite floors our engineers designed a sequence to reintroduce load back into the new floors and existing structure.
  • We installed a series of ‘Fagioli’ permanent flat jacks at specific locations to transfer loads from our temporary works towers back into the new frame.
  • All loading and monitoring of the existing structure was supervised by our in house engineers to ensure the listed fabric remained in good condition throughout the process.


  • Our team often worked at night to undertake some clearance activities due to the restrictive nature of the project.
  • The demolition was completed within the 40 week programme and the new building became the flag ship store for ‘Apple’ within the UK.