Balderton Street, London

Client : Grosvenor Properties / Chorus Group
Value : £1.1 M


This strategically positioned project was adjacent to Bond Street, London. The existing building was surrounded by three blocks of flat developments owned by the Peabody Estates Group and had party walls with the American Secret Service, an existing church and a dance studio.

Just to make things interesting, the structure is also immediately adjacent to an existing sub station building, that serves west London.

Scope of Work

  • The project consisted of the demolition of the structure down to ground floor level including the design and retention of two external facades.
  • There were a number of specific challenges that needed to be addressed and approved by all surrounding parties and then implemented exactly as detailed within the method of works.
  • John F Hunt needed to minimise noise and vibration generated from the demolition activities. This involved the use of cracker attachments to plant, the use of saw cutting to slab edges adjacent to party walls and utilisation of a demolition slide to minimise noise impact of the arisings as works proceed.
  • The introduction of careful investigation works to establish the party wall construction and specific cantilever scaffolding designs were required.
  • The use of a crawler crane within this very enclosed site was necessary.
  • The formation of a traffic management plan was used to work in sequence with the adjoining McAlpine demolition project and to maintain free and easy access for the existing traffic.
  • The use of acoustic screening to sensitive areas was required.
  • The implementation of a steel facade retention scheme was necessary which was sympathetic to the existing facade.