Arundel Great Court – Enabling Works

Client : Waterways Properties
Value : £1.2 M


Duration: 24 Week Period

This particular project was located at Arundel Great Court (South Site), London, adjacent to Temple Underground station.

Previous investigations had revealed that a post Tudor river wall had existed along the south elevation of the site and that there was also the possibility of a Saxon shore line surviving slightly further north within the site. As a consequence the following works were undertaken to enable Mola to carry out their archaeological excavations.

To enable the archaeological investigations to take place, we designed and constructed two 6m high, 40m long, king post panel retaining walls to the perimeter of the site and installed temporary propping to the existing southern retaining wall.

Scope of Works

  • King post panel walls were installed along the line to the rear of the existing footpath ensuring that the stability of the perimeter highway was retained at all times. This caused many issues that had to be resolved regarding the removal of obstructions, together with locating historic retaining walls along the line of the new king post panel wall.
  • The walls provided support to allow for the final reduce level of the site, which was down to the top of the existing basement slab enabling Mola to complete their investigations to the areas of interest.
  • The works then comprised of the progressive removal from site of the existing basement slab to facilitate the archaeological excavations.
  • The southern area of the site was then subject to an archaeological excavation by Mola with our resources in attendance to a depth of 3m below the basement level.
  • The archaeological area was fully documented and prepared for partial backfilling to allow for the demolition of the two remaining core areas and completion of the entire demolition package.


  • MOLA and Historic England have a more informed understanding of the underlying archaeology to the southern area of the site, enabling them to identify specific areas of interest to be examined during the main reduce level excavation phase of the project.
  • Sensitive installation of the new king post panel wall to the perimeter of the southern section of the site.
  • Works carried out within the timeframe dictated by Mola and within our initial budget.