466 Edgware Road, London, W2 1EL

Client : Almacantar Edgware Ltd
Programme : 16 weeks
Value : £700,000


The 1930’s built main structure was a former 3 storey automobile franchise, a steel framed masonry clad building with R/C floor slabs. The other structures were a 2 storey high former workshop (Carwash Building) and a fuel filling station that was decommissioned in the late 90’s.
High density residential area and a neighbouring ambulance station with the site bounded by a TfL red route challenged the logistics.


During the excavation of the main building foundations, 15 small and medium sized underground fuel tanks were discovered at the southern and south west sections of the site.
Protocol for the tank removal required involvement with the local fire officer due to safety regulations.
The tanks were cleaned and drained in-situ, removed and ‘cold processed’ for recycling.
The holes were back-filled in readiness for the new pile mat.
Salvaging of cast iron heritage items from the building façade during demolition for re-use in the new scheme.
Delivery of programmed works and variations within the agreed programme to enable the following contractor an early start.


The removal of the 15 underground fuel tanks safely, within programme and within the Petroleum Officers guidelines, when only 5 no were stated within the contract.