Communication & I.T.

The John F Hunt Group recognises that one of its best management tools for the business is keeping all employees informed and most importantly, communicating.

Communication Is The Key...

We believe we can improve employees’ performance, productivity and commitment if they are given regular, accurate information about the Group, their jobs, current projects, new equipment, training, regulation updates and health and safety. This develops greater trust and increased job satisfaction.

All senior management including Managing Directors and the CEO operate an ‘open door’ policy for everyone in the Group, to actively encourage the free flow of communication.

Monthly meetings are held between management and staff on site and in the offices and depots throughout the UK, covering all manner of inductions, toolbox talks, briefings, reviews and presentations, ensuring that every person is up to speed and fully trained within their field.

All necessary staff have the latest phones, ipads and laptops to enable information sharing and communication whether on site, in meetings or on the move.

Investing in Technology Advancement To Keep In Touch...

Below are a few examples of programs and software used within the Group:

  • SharePoint: an Intranet content and document management system, providing internal automated information workflow access to all employees.
  • Site Diary: an on-line electronic ‘Site Diary’ which records details of each project, updated daily with all contacts, occurrences, progress reports, images, equipment monitoring and personnel. 
  • Asbestos Survey Software: to maximise the efficiency of Asbestos Surveys and eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, our Asbestos Consultants (Ace) use asbestos survey software, running on Tablet devices out in the field. Onsite survey data is recorded, enabling our Surveyors to carry out all survey types and re-inspections quickly and easily. 
  • Web based portal: To help provide suitable and instant information to contractors or anyone who may come into contact with asbestos, Ace offer a web based portal, immediately delivering relevant asbestos information accessible from remote locations. 
  • Iauditor: a medium to carry out auditing and monitoring of health & safety procedures and inspections whilst Project Managers and Supervisors are out on site.

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