Emergency Response

When a major incident occurs such as large building fire or structural collapse, our Emergency Response Services are often called upon by the Police, Fire Brigade, Local Authorities and Insurance Loss Adjusters, to make safe or even completely demolish dangerous structures.

There When You Need Us...

The Emergency Response Service can be called upon any time of the day or night to bring any potentially dangerous situations under control.

For Example...

Our services were called upon following a fire at a vast warehouse which required 120 fire fighters, 15 pumps, specialist vehicles, three ground monitors and a water tower to bring it under control. 

Once we were allowed to access the site:

  • We initiated partial road closures due to the unsafe structure and burst cement sheet cladding containing asbestos which had fragmented during the fire and contaminated the surrounding area including the road, grass verge and public thoroughfare.
  • We installed a sprinkler/misting system over the entire site to suppress the likelihood of fibres being released from the huge volume of debris, which was then systematically cleared under the most exacting of conditions.
  • Progressive asbestos clearance and dismantling of the remaining structure was undertaken, with the use of remote hydraulic shears to ensure that operatives were kept at a safe working distance from any possible collapse.
  • A strict environmental monitoring regime was established throughout the surrounding area, which included operatives being provided with personal monitors and a temporary laboratory being established to continually analyse samples taken.

The clean-up operation from start to finish took a total of 26 weeks.

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