Case Studies

Our Case Studies
Job: Silverton Mill, Exeter - Remediation
Client: D S Smith
Value: £4.5 Million
As Principal Contractor John F Hunt was contracted to demolish and remediate a former paper mill that straddled a major...
Job: Silverton Mill, Exeter - River Redirection
Client: D S Smith
Value: £4.5 Million
As Principal Contractor John F Hunt was required to demolish and remediate a former paper mill, comprising a large number...
Job: Crossrail - Liverpool Street, London EC2
Client: Crossrail
Value: £6.3 M
Overview Duration: 18 Months The Liverpool Street Crossrail project was split into three separate site locations, all were within close proximity of ...
Job: Berners Street, London, W1T 3AB
Client: Derwent London
Value: £2.8 M
Overview Duration: 34 Weeks Three properties within Berners Street, which were positioned north of Oxford St within the West End of London....
Job: 65 - 67 Scrutton Street, London EC2
Client: Gansevoort Hotel Group
Value: £2.55 M
Overview: 67, Scrutton Street was a three story reinforced concrete, brick clad unassuming structure on the corner of Curtain Road, East London. The...
Job: 48 Leicester Square, London W1
Client: Linseed
Value: £3.95 M
Overview PCSA Duraton: 23 weeks Works Duration: 38 weeks Existing Structure & Location: For many years 48 Leicester Square has been an iconic island...
Job: 5 Broadgate, London EC2
Client: British Land
Value: £6.5 M
  Overview Duration: 70 weeks This high profile project direct for British Land represented the first buildings to be demolished within the iconic 1980’s built...
Job: Futura Park Development, Ipswich
Client: Aquila Holdings Limited
Value: £9 M
Overview Duration: 13 months Historically, from 1926 the site was occupied by Ransoms Cranes works, manufacturers of overhead and mobile cranes which extended...
Job: Arundel Great Court, London WC2
Client: Waterway Properties
Value: £2.3 M
Overview Duration: 32 weeks Arundel Great Court was located in a very busy area of Central London, situated between Embankment Station and The...