Riverside Apartment, Battersea, London

Client : Private
Value : 26,000


Demolition of a section of a mezzanine slab within a penthouse apartment.

The removal of the 9.9m x 3.7m x 250mm deep concrete slab had to be removed quietly with zero vibration and no dust intrusion into to the adjacent apartments situated on either side and below.

Scope of Works

  • Holes were drilled in the corners of the mezzanine section to avoid over cutting with a diamond track saw, which was attached flush to the side and rear walls.
  • The slab was temporarily propped with a structural scaffold and a full crash deck constructed beneath.
  • Diamond holes were drilled at predetermined positions over the area of the slab and thereafter hydraulically burst to facilitate clearance by others.
  • The remaining slab was supported with a full propping design until permanent structural steels were installed to the cut slab edges.
  • All sawing and drilling works were carried out with full water control on top and below the slab.
  • The project was successful, completed on time, within budget and with no complaints from the neighbours.









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