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Considerate Contractors Gold Award
We are pleased to announce that the City of London has rewarded our Demolition division with the prestigious considerate Contractors Gold Award for their performance on the project at 5 Broadgate. The Gold Award recognises that the Code of Good Practice has consistently been exceeded throughout the life of the project.  It reflects a spirit of price, an awareness of the needs of the passing public and regard for the surrounding environment. The Considerate Contractor Scheme’s objective is to encourage operations on...
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Demolition Health and Safety on Site Reward Scheme

Demolition On Site Safety Award Three operatives from our Demolition team working on the strip out and demolition project at 18-20 Grosvenor Street in London have been awarded with high street vouchers for their outstanding contribution towards construction health and safety and behaviour on site throughout the lifecycle of this project. . Our Hazard card reward scheme was introduced by John F Hunt to encourage good behavioural safety on site. The scheme raises awareness for construction site safety and also...
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Innovative Temporary Works Solution for London Demolition Site
Temporary Works London Solution At the John F Hunt Group, we frequently encounter situations that require creative and cost effective solutions. A recent example is our congested Broadgate site in central London. We needed to safely support the weight of a 100 Tonne Piling Rig, which had to operate close to a steep open face. We used our expertise and knowledge as a leading demolition company in London, and opted for the ‘TensarTech TR2 Wall System’. The wall system formed a...
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