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Concrete Cutting & Conveyor Belt at Brixton Post Office
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John F Hunt Completes Dig Of 9x17 Metre Deep Shaft at Vauxhall Tunnel
John F Hunt Concrete Cutting recently completed the dig of a 9 metre diameter by 17 metre deep shaft at the Vauxhall Tunnel, which was fraught with water ingress problems. Following this vertical dig, it was then necessary to create a horizontal tunnel going from the bottom of the shaft. Once a temporary deck was installed the team were able to ‘stitch drill’ in a semi circular pattern, enabling them to then ‘probe drill’ into the face of the vertical shaft,...
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Our Brokk 330 Robotic Demolition Machine is Refurbished and Ready to go!
The John F Hunt Concrete Cutting division have been busy completely refurbishing the Brokk 330 which now has Rubber Tracks and weighs in at 4.5 Tons. It has a width of 1500mm enabling this powerful Robotic Demolition Excavator to access the majority of buildings without having to carry out time consuming alterations to get it over the threshold. Contact John F Hunt Concrete Cutting on 01375 366884 or send us an email here.
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View the Latest Time Lapse Video for John F Hunt Concrete Cutting at Vauxhall Station
View the latest time lapse video for John F Hunt Concrete Cutting working at the Vauxhall Station Upgrade project using the Brokk 260:
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Cutting Concrete at Vauxhall Station
The Vauxhall Station project began in July 2014 and is still running. The project comprised of the formation of a new 8mtr Ø elevator shaft for the new ‘step free’ access project. The removal of the 2mtr thick reinforced concrete slab had to be removed by non-percussive methods as this was being carried out directly adjacent to a “live” station. Using diamond drilling methods a separation cut was made around the perimeter, and various grouting holes were prepared to enable the tunneling...
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