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Posts tagged with "Asbestos Removal"

Waste Management Award for Michael Tully
Michael Tully, an asbestos operative for John F Hunt Environmental, working on site at the Bradwell Nuclear Power Plant has been given a special award for his excellent management of asbestos on site. Here Michael is pictured receiving the award with Malcolm Brasted, Waste Manager and Demolition Manager on the left and Asbestos Manager Gary MacKnight on the right. Following a difficult period for waste management at Bradwell, our team has been praised by the Clients for managing and controlling the works...
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Amosite Asbestos Removal in Bradwell
John F Hunt Demolition’s January ‘Hazard Spotter Award’, at Bradwell Power Station. The hazard spotted was Amosite Asbestos, found by our John F Hunt Demolition gang, whilst stripping one of the roofs at Bradwell. The area had previously been cleared of asbestos, but when the Amosite Asbestos was found, the risk of spreading and contaminating others was minimised by the quick response of the whole team on site. Our client thanked everyone for averting a potential problem and commented on their good set...
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Demolition Health and Safety on Site Reward Scheme

Demolition On Site Safety Award Three operatives from our Demolition team working on the strip out and demolition project at 18-20 Grosvenor Street in London have been awarded with high street vouchers for their outstanding contribution towards construction health and safety and behaviour on site throughout the lifecycle of this project. . Our Hazard card reward scheme was introduced by John F Hunt to encourage good behavioural safety on site. The scheme raises awareness for construction site safety and also...
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