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Asbestos in Soils Scheme (AISS) success for Ace Consultants!
Asbestos in Soils Scheme (AISS) success for Ace Consultants!

In our efforts to constantly improve the service we offer to our clients, we are working towards analysing soils samples for Qualitative and Quantitative analysis.

We have successfully passed our first round of the Asbestos in Soils Scheme (AISS) with a score of zero.


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John F Hunt Demolition has been awarded a three year asbestos licence
Following a five and a half hour Asbestos Licence renewal assessment by the HSE at Head Office on Friday 1st July 2016, John F Hunt Demolition has been awarded a three year asbestos licence commencing from 3rd August 2016. Being awarded a three year licence is a significant achievement as the norm is typically 18 months or less.
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Waste Management Award for Michael Tully
Michael Tully, an asbestos operative for John F Hunt Environmental, working on site at the Bradwell Nuclear Power Plant has been given a special award for his excellent management of asbestos on site. Here Michael is pictured receiving the award with Malcolm Brasted, Waste Manager and Demolition Manager on the left and Asbestos Manager Gary MacKnight on the right. Following a difficult period for waste management at Bradwell, our team has been praised by the Clients for managing and controlling the works...
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Amosite Asbestos Removal in Bradwell
John F Hunt Demolition’s January ‘Hazard Spotter Award’, at Bradwell Power Station. The hazard spotted was Amosite Asbestos, found by our John F Hunt Demolition gang, whilst stripping one of the roofs at Bradwell. The area had previously been cleared of asbestos, but when the Amosite Asbestos was found, the risk of spreading and contaminating others was minimised by the quick response of the whole team on site. Our client thanked everyone for averting a potential problem and commented on their good set...
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John F Hunt Demolition gets in touch with its feminine side!
One of our latest demolition projects has started in London at Fenchurch Avenue and is now well underway. We have already gone in and set up smart blue hoarding and sparkly white John F Hunt Monarflex to protect the area, however this time the site has a bit more of a twist - flower boxes! It was Nick Ward, the Contracts Manager on this job that spotted the window boxes on the building when John F Hunt first moved in to...
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What does asbestos look like?
Asbestos is the leading cause of workplace deaths in the UK, where it contributes to over 4500 deaths every year ( It was originally applied to building materials for insulation and fireproofing purposes, but was finally banned in the UK in 1999. Working on or near damaged asbestos containing materials, dramatically increases the likelihood of getting an asbestos related disease such as asbestosis or mesothelioma. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify asbestos so that preventive measures can be...
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