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New Appointment - Ian Saville & David Hunt
Good Morning! It is with great pleasure that the John F Hunt Group welcome Ian Saville and David Hunt to the business. Ian arrives with a number of years industry and financial experience to act as the new Group Finance Director. This role was recently vacated by Charles Green who is now enjoying well deserved retirement. We also welcome David Hunt, who is going to be working for John F Hunt Power as the new Business Development Director. David's business experience and network...
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John F Hunt Demolition shortlisted for two Construction News Specialist Awards 2017!
John F Hunt Demolition shortlisted for two Construction News Specialist Awards 2017!

Fantastic news! John F Hunt Demolition has been shortlisted for Demolition Specialist of the Year and Health & Safety Excellence categories for the Construction News Specialists Awards 2017! More news to follow as it comes to us!



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Remediation staff have run the Dublin Marathon for Meningitis Now!
Congratulations to John F Hunt Remediation's Andrew, Stuart and Sean for completing the Dublin Marathon last week for Meningitis Now! Stuart explains that 'It is a charity which provides tremendous support to families who have suffered the devastating impact of meningitis by helping those who are directly and indirectly affected in terms of coping with bereavement as well as with the rehabilitation and long term care of those who have survived the illness.' If you would like to support the guys,...
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Thank you Charles!
Charles Green retires as Financial Director of the John F Hunt Group following six glorious years at the helm! We'll miss you Charles, and thank-you for all your hard work!
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Ferrous Scanning
Sometimes it is necessary to find the position of hidden metals within a concrete structure without any intrusive or damaging investigative operations, making verification extremely difficult. John F Hunt’s Ferro Scan systems enable the non-destructive inspection of these structures, identification of objects and rebar, whilst providing concrete cover measurements and pinpoint positioning for drilling. The PS 250 Ferro Scanner is a magnetic induction detection device which gives you visible results as to rebar content on a hand held screen. Our technical operative...
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Ambition Complete!
John Hall CEO of the John F Hunt Group, successfully fulfilled his ambition of completing an Advanced Trimix dive in the Red Sea to a depth of 101 metres. The dive lasted 1 hour 40 minutes, 5 minutes to descend, 5 minutes at depth and one hour thirty minutes to ascend whilst undertaking 15 decompression stops. Carrying 5 gas cylinders containing 4 different mixtures of gas, two with hydrogen, he had to switch gasses on six separate occasions during decompression. He is...
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Monthly Round up!

What's been happening across the John F Hunt Group in the last month?

John F Hunt Demolition News

  • Demolition and dismantling has started at the new project in Stratford!
  • Congrats to the project teams near Old Street and Piccadilly, they have received Performance Beyond Compliance awards this month!
  • London Crane Lift! This 8 Tonne machine was lifted high above the city and safely placed on the top of our project building!

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Crane Lift!
Good Morning! Here are some fantastic pictures of our Excavator Crane Lift in London! This 8 Tonne machine was lifted high above London and safely placed on the top of our project building in the city!
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Birdshot Clay Shoot Day raises £50,000!
Take a look at the Birdshot Clay Chairty Shoot day in pictures! It was a great day for everyone involved and raised a fantastic £50,000 for charity! Simply click the image below to expand it to full screen size!
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New Telehandler's arrive for Hire Centres!
John F Hunt Hire Centres have recently taken delivery of a number of Manitou MT625H 6m Telehandlers, due to increased demand. The new machines benefit from live tracking and have a security keypad fitted as standard. To find our more or to hire, please call John F Hunt Hire Centres on 01375 392333.
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