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Ambition Complete!
John Hall CEO of the John F Hunt Group, successfully fulfilled his ambition of completing an Advanced Trimix dive in the Red Sea to a depth of 101 metres. The dive lasted 1 hour 40 minutes, 5 minutes to descend, 5 minutes at depth and one hour thirty minutes to ascend whilst undertaking 15 decompression stops. Carrying 5 gas cylinders containing 4 different mixtures of gas, two with hydrogen, he had to switch gasses on six separate occasions during decompression. He is...
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Monthly Round up!

What's been happening across the John F Hunt Group in the last month?

John F Hunt Demolition News

  • Demolition and dismantling has started at the new project in Stratford!
  • Congrats to the project teams near Old Street and Piccadilly, they have received Performance Beyond Compliance awards this month!
  • London Crane Lift! This 8 Tonne machine was lifted high above the city and safely placed on the top of our project building!

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