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New Hybird Generators!
John F Hunt Power has taken delivery of 24 and 48 KvA generators! The new Hybrid generators offer a fantastic range of benefits including silent and efficient over-night use for customers. With emissions a constant issue within the UK, the government has created targets in order to cut emissions by around half (50%). Furthermore, their ambitious plans outline proposals (to be completed by 2025) to reduce the ‘cost of projects’ by a third. With this in mind the UK’s power market...
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Considerate Contractors Award
Fantastic news! John F Hunt Demolition has been given the ‘Considerate Contractors Award’ for The Cambridge University Press Building! The Considerate Constructors Scheme was founded by the construction Industry in 1997 to improve its image and safety standards. The safety of our staff and those around us is critical, therefore John F Hunt is compliant with all regulations and fully committed to ensuring that this remains a key priority. John Ballantyne and the team have worked extremely hard to attain this...
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Concrete Cutting Offering New Metal Scanning Service
Concrete Cutting are offering a brilliant new metal scanning service for non-destructive inspection of concrete structures.   The Hilti Ferroscan provides a portable, quick method of detection which determines the position of reinforcement, measures the depth of concrete and gives the position and diameter of rebar without damaging the concrete structure.   This technique is ideal when there are no plans or detailed drawings of the structure in question and where repairs or change of loads need to take place. It avoids either hitting...
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Hire Centres Take Delivery of Small Tandem Rollers!
Hire Centres have recently taken delivery of 10 x Atlas Copco / Dynapac CC800 rollers keeping the fleet up to date. Used primarily for small-scale compaction work such as pavements, cycle paths, small roads and parking areas or places that need compaction but are difficult to reach with a large roller. These small tandem rollers come with an operating mass of approximately 1.6 tonnes and a drum width of 800mm. They feature high power with low working noise, a reliable water...
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